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 The articles and stories below are online presentations of articles that have appeared in past issues of the Yosemite Gazette. One of the three articles below can only be accessed by subscriber-members of the Yosemite Gazette who will be able to log in and access the back issues (some eight years of our quarterly publication) of the Yosemite Gazette from the Archives Menu above. To subscribe and become a Yosemite Gazetteer member either tap on the Subscription-Membership menu item in the masthead above or click-tap here on this text.


Sharon Giacomazzi, a Midpines resident has hiked about 11,000 miles on both sides of the Sierra Nevada in the past 33 years. More at home on the wilderness trail than anywhere else, she confesses her soul belongs to the great outdoors. She is author of three  historical guides and countless articles  published  regionally.

A Hike Along the History of Bagby

By Sharon Giacomazzi

    Just off Highway 49, the site of Bagbylies 12 miles south of Coulterville and 16 miles north of Mariposa on the north bank of the Mercd River at the head of Lake Mclure.  

    Not far from the graceful bridge over the river, a few rusted metal scraps and concrete foundations are the sole survivors of a Yosmite Valley Railroad (YVRR) station and a tiny town.  

    Besides the location of a peaceful, satisfying hike, Bagby environs harbor deep, imporant Sierra Nevada history.

                                                                   Read More, Page Ten

    Catra Corbett is a ultramarathon runner. That means running in events much longer than the marathon distance of 26.2 miles. This Fremont, California resident loves Yosemite as a training ground for her events and is often seen on the park trails.

    She doesn't hike the John Muir Trail in 3-4 weeks: no she RUNS it, Both ways! In less than two weeks!

    Enjoy this insight into this world class athlete and Yosemite lover.                                                                            Read More, Page Six

Yosemite is a Favorite Place

for Ultra Long Distance Runner

By Rick Deutsch

Rick Deutsch aka "Mr. Half Dome," a Yosemite Gazette correspondent, has written "One  Best Hike: Yosemite's Half Dome" and blogs at: Hike" where you can find out everything you need to know,

and then some, to successfuly hike the landmark including details about the permit lottery process.

Using Watercraft for Fly Fishing?

Float Tube Fishing in Alpine Lakes

By Renny J. Avey

    For those of you who aren't excited about riding a horse 14 miles into the wilderness, there are a number of alpine lakes in the Sierras within a one to three mile hike from parking.

    One example is Shell Lake near Bennettville Ghost Town just east of the Yosemite National Park eastern gate and off Hwy. 120. You can fly fish from the shore of some of these lakes or pack in your float tube, waders and fins. My tube has a pack system so I can wear it like a backpack. As in any watersport, there are risks.

                                                                  Read More, Page Ten

Renny J. Avey,  Sierra Nevada Fishing Editor, for the Yosemite Gazette, and a Ph. D. and Cal Poly emeritus professorof Agricultural Finance, spent part of his childhood growing up near Yosemite National Park at Long Gulch Ranch in Groveland, Calif. He and his wife  Sharon reside with their cat Mindy Lou in Nevada.


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