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Michael Gahagan


PO Box 5227

Sonora, CA 95370



The Yosemite Gazette is a quarterly publication, 9” x 12” size; design theme is “old timey” with black ink on 70 lb. buff colored paper. Featuring a journal style mix of history, Yosemite area lore and current events, but no “club news.


Circulation 10,000 every 3 months (40,000 yearly); readership estimated to be 25,000 plus.



Distribution through all advertisers, visitors centers for the Yosemite, Tuolumne County (Sonora), Twain Harte, Calaveras, Mariposa, Oakhurst, Independence, Lone Pine, Bass Lake and Bishop Chambers of Commerce, the visitors centers at Mammoth Lakes, Lee Vining, and any coffee shop that doesn’t throw us out, plus other outlets such as post offices, banks, waiting rooms and the like. (See Advertising Brochure below).

An example of a community co-op advertisement

Statistics from brochure distribution points say that 60% of visitors become aware of a service or destination of interest, 25% changed their travel plans and 15% said that information from visitors centers was their most frequently used source of information.


  1. Guaranteed page prominence and high visibility in 16-page, three-month shelf life, 10,000 circulation (40,000 yearly), quarterly publication as opposed to a one-time daily, weekly or monthly publication where your ad can be “buried” in multiple pages and sections.

  2. Online ad daily presentation links (including future business locator “buttons” on our map) for our advertisers on our website soon to be converted to a dynamic new template.

  3. Inclusion for advertisers (your message, hot links, coupons, specials, events, etc.) in our Yosemite Gazette email updates sent monthly to over 1,500 email addresses for advertisers, sponsors, partners, subscribers, our VIP list, area chambers of commerce, visitor’s bureaus, California tourism centers, your own selected addressees, etc.). Advertiser’s link(s) on these Updates can be “tracked” and we can send you an email list of those who have clicked on your link(s).

  4. On going, daily Yosemite Gazette Facebook page opportunities including your actual print advertisement, description of your business or service as Friends, tagging your business-enterprise(s)-service, becoming “mutual” friends, partners, recommendations, etc.

  5. Photographs (aerials tagged, a photo “album(s)” of advertisers , (see Cover’s and Indigeny albums on our Facebook pages) can be included on the Yosemite Gazette Facebook and Pinterest pages. As an advertiser you will be able to share the post of your current ad at 

  6. State of the art digital presentation of the Yosemite Gazette online will include a future web site page link to an interactive version of each issue dating back seven years. Your individual advertisement can be hot linked to your own web site or Facebook pages.

  7. Your advertisement will be featured on the new, graphically robust, photocentric website and links provided to your website and Facebook pages.

  8. The Yosemite Gazette is also republished an available daily online at


Added Advertising Value

In considering the advertising costs it is important to know that there are some considerable “added values” included in the cost of the print advertisement in our advertising program which you may not be aware of, including:

Yosemite Gazetete Facebook Post

Taking a break from one of Mariposa's busiest restaurants, the Sugar Pine Cafe. This post is an example of the added value of advertising in the print version of the Yosemite Gazette as we feature our advertisers on our Facebook pages.  Our Facebook friends are numbering close to 1,000

Download Our Interactive Four Page

Advertising Brochure "Media Measures"

Read and Review Our Four Page Interactive 

Advertising Brochure "Media Measures" Online


Advertising rates are $75 per column inch for sizes not specified in the Yosemite Gazette Advertising Brochure. (See how to view below, either on line in an archival format which can be be downladed as a PDF or a download of the PDF four-page brochure.

No ads will be placed on front, back or editorial page.

No inserts accepted.


Ad copy specifications—existing camera ready artwork may be used if it’s available electronically and is in PDF format or in TIFF/JPEG format at 300 dpi. Ad makeup is not included in the publication price. Please inquire as to hourly rates.


  • Make checks payable to Yosemite Gazette; existing customers will be invoiced on publication.

  • Print ad specifications: see PDF 4 page “Advertising Brochure” below

  • Please email print ads to

  • Please email online ads to


Discount Programs

  • Annual Four insertions (40,000 circulation): 10% if paid in advance

  • Yosemite in the Business Name: 20% discount for two insertions covering six months of 20,000 circulation, (the first ad insertion is full price with the 20% discount being applied to the second quarterly insertion). 30% discount for four insertions covering 12 months of 40,000 circulation (the first three ad insertions are full price with the 30% discount being applied to the fourth quarterly insertion). This offer applies to all sizes of ads we offer and to sizes of custom ads provided by advertisers.

  • Non-profit, 20% discount.


Community Cooperative (Co-op) Marketing

  • There might be two businesses who would share a 1/8 page ad, or three businesses that would share a quarter page ad.

  • There can be a four share co-op version of these community or theme ads. (See below)

  • The individual cost for each of the four spaces would be $162.50 each for each quarter (or only $54.17 per month) of 10,000 circulation.

  • A four-participant co-op ad for 4 insertions (one year of a total of 40,000 circulation) the annual discount would make the cost of each participant $146.25 every quarter or only $48.75 a month.

  • The individual cost for each of a six spaces co-op would be $175 each for each quarter (or only $58. 00 per month) of 10,000 circulation.

  • The six-participant co-op ad for 4 insertions (one year of a total of 40,000 circulation) the annual discount would make the cost of each participant $157.50 every quarter or only $52.50 a month.

  • Visitors to Yosemite don’t really know much about all the historic communities surrounding the park and these co-ops once established will give even locals an idea that there is much more “going on” around the park. Many visitors visit Yosemite from one community gateway and leave via a different community gateway. Many of these community co-ops will be developed around actual community gateways to Yosemite. Also, if a prospect is not in the community co-op they become quite conspicuous by their absence.

  • Other co-op ideas (which we can set up example for) like Bed & Breakfasts (one in Oakhurst, one in Maripsoa, one in Groveland, one in Sonora, one in Jamestown, and one in Columbia?) or Antiques Stores, (one in the same six communities?), or historic hotels (one in four or six communities?) or Dining in the Mother Lode restaurants (four or six or even eight in various communities?), Real Estate Offices/Agents (four or six or even eight in various communities?) Others, we can help set up are particularly; Yosemite area photographers/photo guides, Yosemite area artists, Wedding planners/sites/ caterers, tour guide/rafting services, and wineries/wine trails. Other communities where all of these types of businesses are located in our circulation “zone” are: Murphys, Twain Harte, Bishop, Mammoth, Mammoth Lakes and Coulterville.



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